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‚ÄčFrozen Hot Chocolate

In Belize, many children do not get the opportunity to be a kid--they can't afford to go to summer camp or even have ice cream. A kid's camp in Belize called Machaca Outreach Program makes being a kid possible for many Belizean children. Boneville, a coffeehouse in Belize,sells a frozen hot chocolate drink with part of the profit going to the Machaca kid's camp. It only costs $50 for a kid to spend a week in Machaca, with memories that will last a lifetime. Magpie has been so inspired by this, that we have decided to join the fun! In working with the Boneville cafe, we are selling the Frozen Hot Chocolate with their same purpose--to give part of the profits to the Machaca Outreach Program. Our goal is to be able to raise as much as we possibly can to help kids be able to not only go to camp, but be able to be a kid! So please come in and try our new Frozen Hot Chocolate!

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